Business Card Printing

Business cards are printing on 12 point to 14 point glossy card stock C2S + UV lamination on the color side(s). Business card printing is one of our most popular printing products.

Our business card printing come in multiple card stocks, printed on quality paper, recycled paper options and various thickness. The typical weight and thickness of the material of your business card can depend on what the final look may be from 12pt thickness to 16pt thickness. We do require bleeds for all designs that have the color extended to the edge of the cut size. This is a free service. The cut lines are needed in order for our team to cut your cards so there is no white edges around the card. The image may move or slightly shift from page to page of the paper once printed, which is called a bounce in the printing industry. The results are usually off by a hairline on an offset press within our printers. Bleeds are usually 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 inches extra for all sides of the business card of the card to accommodate these factors when it comes to business card printing.

We also offer design service for our business card printing. You can visit our design center to design your own business card. This will result in a professional look without the need to hire designers and the likes. It is a fully automated design process.

Finally, we do have custom design service to allow you to fine tune your look with a customized look and appearance by allowing our designers full access to designing your cards. Then once satisfied, you can print your cards through our commercial printing process.

Speaking of professional business card printing, do you need spot UV on your cards? We offer customized printing options as well by contacting us through email and phone. We can apply spot UV anywhere on the front or back of your business cards.

If you are experiencing difficulties on our business card printing section of our new site, don’t stress, we still have our old site up and it works like a dream, please use our older system for business card printing.